أسعار الذهب , how to get gold in ghost of tsushima

How do you get gold items in Ghost of Tsushima?

How to Find Gold in Tsushima. Gold is only used for one purpose in Ghost of Tsushima, and it can only be gotten in one way: freeing enemy-held territories by partaking in bloody Mongol and Samurai battles.

Where can I buy gold Ghost of Tsushima?

They are marked by a Red Building Icon on the map. You won’t get Gold from small Outposts (Red Dots) or Enemy Farms (Red Wheat Icon). Gold can be bought from Trappers in exchange for Supplies (for example, the one in 3rd Region at Jogaku Temple).

What is gold for in Ghost of Tsushima?

Gold is a rare resource that is rewarded to the player by liberating larger Mongol Territories or can be very rarely bought from Trapper vendors. It is used exclusively to upgrade the Katana at any Swordsmith starting at Rank IV (4).

How do you get iron and gold in Ghost of Tsushima?


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